Library: Leadership and Human Capital

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The value of intangible assets has been dramatically rising over decades. The principle intangible asset for business to focus on building, developing and leveraging is Human Capital. It is Human Capital, for, in our opinion, it is this that creates and drives value in all other types of capital.

Today, we have set up this post as a platform for important insights about work and work-life, a critical component that enables people, organizations, and countries to thrive. This is information we follow as part of our ongoing research for our Coaching services.

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Check out these good reads! Chronologically, with the most recent article topping the list:

Fortune’s article, “CEOs are calling for more regulation — of ESG Standards,” which include measures on both climate and human capital! LINK:

Smarp’s article, “8 Employee Engagement Statistics You Need to Know” – LINK:

Gallup 2021 State of the Global Workplace Report – Video – LINK:

Gallup 2021 State of the Global Workplace Report – Download Your Copy – LINK:

Fortune’s new white paper, “A Guidebook of Insights for HR Executives on the Essentials of Value-Based Business: Pathways to Leadership” Download your free copy LINK:

Alan Murray’s highlight in Fortune Newsletter 07-28-2021 LINK:

Deloitte Article on Human Capital Trends 7/26/2021 2021 LINK:

Please use the Comments section to share opinions and links you’d like featured here because of their potential value, insights, and data about Human Capital, Intellectual Capital and Work.

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