About Our Coaching Services

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Rosanna M. Nadeau, PCELC

  • Retired Consultant and Coach
  • Available on a limited basis for coaching services


Rosanna works with small and large businesses seeking to elevate their performance.

  • This includes providing training and coaching to individuals selected by organizations for development. Needs range from supporting needed, visible improvement in an employee’s current performance to helping prepare Promising Talent for future roles.
  • Rosanna assists businesses through customized coaching to small teams, to help them apply effective teamwork, leadership and/or management skills uniformly, strengthening the desired culture by driving change across organizations.
  • Rosanna’s background also includes solid experience as a coach to managers who seek a professional, objective and confidential third party to help them optimize their positive impact.

In addition to working with businesses , Rosanna works with individuals who want to achieve aspirations and drive results, as part of a strategy to exceed job expectations as well as to tackle job-related problems. We see your potential and help you to continue to become a better version of yourself.

The purpose of Rosanna’s work is to help businesses and individuals to meet/exceed their goals. All our programs are customized, and with a track record in custom design and delivery in training, Rosanna blends training with coaching whenever it will add value.

If you know any business leaders who seek stronger performance from one or more employee, or any individual who wants to take their own performance to the next level, please feel free to share our contact information or to arrange an introduction.

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“Sometimes, we find wisdom not in what people think, but in how they think. Sometimes, wisdom can be found in both.” — Rosanna M. Nadeau