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Do you like to know the story behind things? How something came to occur or to exist? I do. English author, Graham Greene, said that stories actually have no beginning or end; the writer just chooses a moment arbitrarily, and looks either forward or back. But, I think, often, we do know where a story begins. I like stories to be concise and to get to the point, also. So, with that as my mindset, I’ll tell you about this website.

This site, and all of the blog posts you find here, are about the human side of organizations. They are intended to share knowledge, provoke thought, generate insights, foster reflection and to enable readers to build and strengthen their knowledge and skills, by adapting and applying the concepts and opinions here to fit their growth needs, their desired outcomes, and their envisioned impact.

The writing is rooted in decades of work and life experience, learning, research, and study. Everything, with the exception of the Library posts (which provide links to selected articles written by others) is my own interpretation, my opinion. Each posted article is intended to help people and organizations to succeed, to grow, to thrive, as they contribute value in the process. And, in so doing, to help them to add something special and good to their own lives, and to the lives of others.

I especially appreciate the people I’ve worked with, the authors whose work I’ve selected as source material and recommended reading lists, and the people who’ve led and supported my learning throughout my ever-evolving career.

I hope you, my readers, find this site interesting, meaningful, and useful.


The starting point on this site for readers is the Home Page. There you’ll find all of the Pages and every Post listed. The Pages are listed above the Posts; Posts are listed in the order in which they were created. Each post has a category and a list of tags. You can search the site using key words established as categories, or tags, to see articles grouped under your selected search terms .

Please send comments, suggestions and ideas to help us target subjects of interest to you and to improve the reader experience.

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