Leverage The Power of Your Presence

Image Source: Unsplash by Jeremy Beck

Are you missing opportunities to make a meaningful difference?

Sometimes, it only takes seconds. But as we speed through our days focused on efficiently using every minute of our time, we overlook things. We dismiss things automatically. Without stopping to think about it.

This week’s post is one I’d categorize as Self-Awareness.

But, it’s more than that.

It’s the quote below. You can see it spoken in the video that follows.

I would say this to anyone in this room: You have no idea the power of noticing another human being and what it feels like when someone knows they have been seen—truly seen—by you. It is the greatest offering you can give.” — Oprah Winfrey

Video LINK: https://fb.watch/dM32jykOFi/

Let’s think about it.

How often have you read a post or an article by one of your connections, and made no comment?

When is the most recent time someone came to see you and you continued working on your phone or laptop while they spoke, without the focused eye contact that connects you with them for that instance?

As you encounter people in the corridors of your workplace, do you smile and say hello (whether you know their name or not)?

These are tiny, everyday opportunities to acknowledge people, opportunities easily missed.

What are some of the more significant moments you could seize in the course of each day? Will you watch for them and be readier to act?

The message for us this week is food for thought. It’s about how you choose to prioritize other people. And, it’s about the person you want to be.

Sometimes a little nudge like this one, the shortest of statements, can prompt you to make a meaningful difference. An important one, for yourself and others.

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  1. Idealmultipurposeconcept says:

    Awesome,I read it through and learnt a lot.thanks for this and hoping to read more


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