4 Steps To Write a Job Posting That Attracts Candidates

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Are you one of the many recruiters using postings to attract quality candidates to fill positions in your organization? There’s plenty of competition, as you can see when you pull up positions as a job seeker on Indeed. How can you attract the best candidates to apply for your openings? In addition to using marketing tools such as sponsored postings in multi-media, write a great job posting. Following are some tips based on our own actual experience:

  1. Start with a clear, simple job title that is a good descriptor of the role. I recently saw a posting with the title “Product Enablement Specialist.” Would you say this is a training position? An engineering opportunity? It’s neither. Job seekers will likely continue scrolling without reading the posting. Based on the job content, better titles for recruiting purposes might be “Marketing Specialist” or “Marketing Program Coordinator.” The most effective job titles for recruiting make it easy for candidates to spot postings that are relevant to their skills and objectives. A confusing job title can result in the job posting being passed over.
  2. Start the posting write-up with a concise lead-in to provide context for the position. This includes a brief description of the company’s products and services as well as highlights about the company culture. This is context that can provide information that will draw the candidate’s interest.
  3. Describe the job responsibilities specifically, including the work that demonstrates and ties to the overall purpose of the position. Use a conversational tone and bullets to list important deliverables, such as stating “You will…” and “As a member of our team, you” to address each reader.
  4. Describe the minimum required qualifications for education and experience. After the requirements provide a 1-2 sentence paragraph about benefits. Follow that with your organization’s Equal Opportunity Statement.

Provide Quick-Apply Options

People often dread the application processes business require. Make it quick and easy for interested candidates to apply. We’ve found we can dramatically increase recruiting success by offering the following options:

  • Provide a link for a quick apply option on your third-party job postings.
  • Enable people to apply by texting your recruiter a note with their resume. All that’s needed is a business cell phone assigned to each recruiter. Make sure texts are sent within the shortest possible timeframe i.e. an hour, to acknowledge receipt and define a speedy timeframe for a definitive response as to interest/fit.
  • Set up your business website differently. Instead of requiring an application form, include a set of 3-5 simple questions that focus on priority job requirements. Offer candidates a choice to also attach a resume.
  • Provide a phone interview to all who meet the requirements based on their responses to the 3-5 questions you’ve set up on your website.

Once you’ve finalized your postings using these tips and put them out there, let us know how they work for you! We wish you all the best. 

Copyright 1/12/2022 by Rosanna M Nadeau

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