Do You Ever Wonder Why People Think So Differently?

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Have you ever spent some time wondering how our minds work, how we think the way we think?

The brain has processes and shortcuts that are not always understood by us as we evaluate information, make decisions, solve problems, create ideas and form judgements that drive action, often in the flash of a moment. Following are resources we’ve found to be educational, informative and interesting, in explaining the cognitive functions inherent in the human experience.

If you’d like to learn more about how people think this may be a page you love exploring. More excellent articles and resources will be selected and added as we discover them.

Introductory Video “Where do I go From Here?” by MSFT Imagine –

“Introducing Executive Functioning Skills,” by Student Caffe – LINK:

“What is Cognitive Bias?” By Kendra Cherry – LINK:,and%20judgments%20that%20they%20make.&text=Cognitive%20biases%20are%20often%20a,attempt%20to%20simplify%20information%20processing.

“What is Cognitive Bias?” By Charlotte Ruhl – LINK:

“Three Ways to Improve Your Cognitive Flexibility,” by Jennifer Verdolin, Ph.D – LINK:

“Why is Cognitive Flexibility Important and How Can You Improve it?” – World Economic Forum –

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