What Was The Latest Thing You Learned?

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There are times in life that we’re so busy dealing with demands on us and urgent issues that the idea of continuous learning can seem so tedious we decide it can and should wait. There are pressures and tugs on our time, so we often trade off learning for those other things.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this. We don’t have to choose one or the other. We can make a decision to spend a few minutes at a time learning in ways that make it fun to do, provide us with time to practice, make the content memorable and make the effort satisfying. We can make it easy to fit in. And, we can make it last.

I’ll go a step further and declare that we can also find benefit in learning new things that aren’t work related! Learning itself tones the brain, keeps us thinking, creates ability to change and grow, shows us we can keep learning and retaining, broadens our interests and provides new ways to connect and share with other people. Do you see how this can contribute to our credibility both with ourselves and others?

Here’s an example. In doing research for this article, I came upon a website with a video about the 7 Masters of Art History. I was about to set it aside for more directly related content, but I stopped myself and watched the video. Then I spent a few minutes fact finding and learned that these individuals each had a powerful sense of purpose that sparked their creativity, their desire to learn and find new ways of doing things. It fueled their energy. It broadened their abilities. I got excited about this. It turned out to be a good fit with Credibility after all.

To my point, learning about the 7 Masters of Art History is fun. I ended up spending 5 minutes a day to learn more about them and to committing them to memory. And, I’m still talking about it, as you can see.

I’m sharing the video with a sense you may find it enjoyable to watch and take away the value it provides, somewhat indirectly, for building credibility. If you decide to look for and seize learning for the sake of learning, for fun, you’ll have taken something of benefit from this moment.

“From Durer to Picasso: Seven Masters of Art History”

Source: YouTube.com via https://www.parkwestgallery.com/masters-art-video/

Apart from learning about the 7 Masters of Art History, there are other small ways we can find enjoyment in learning. When we learn, it changes us. Human beings are programmed to apply what learn and this adds dimension to life. It also helps us develop our capacity to manage personal change and to broaden our perspective so we see things anew. Some ideas to jumpstart this activity include the following:

  • Subscribe to lots of different newsletters, in subjects you’ve bypassed in the past. For example, I started reading newsletters on science, history, and archaeology. Did I keep all my subscriptions? No. But I have a short list I like.
  • Read a business book a month, a few minutes a day. Schedule this as a new habit.
  • Listen to different types music, to books or podcasts during your commute. Afterward, spend 2-5 minutes taking notes on what you want to remember about them.

And, next time your organization offers work related training, jump into it with both feet. Remember this article as a reminder that learning and its associated change are basic needs in life and to leave these opportunities on the side of the road is is making a much bigger sacrifice than it may initially appear.

Thank you for reading! Today I’ll find a few minutes more to further my adventures with The 7 Masters. If this article has inspired you to learn something you’ve been curious about, or that has been waiting in the back of your mind for you to explore, master or research, we’ve made the difference we hoped. Please share your thoughts in the comment space below.

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