7 Ways to Instantly Gain Respect & Credibility

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When you have an opportunity to talk or to write at work, your communication skills can impact your credibility and the respect you gain from others. Whether you’re speaking or writing, these skills influence the impressions others develop of your intelligence, attention to detail, and concern for doing things well. You won’t be able to demonstrate your knowledge very well if your communication skills aren’t effective.

Investing time in developing and strengthening your communication skills can help you to express your ideas as well as to share knowledge and expertise as a team member. It can help you to become a go-to person, and to advance in your job.

Following are elements of effective communication that can make a difference for you at work.

  1. Keep your communication succinct and to the point. Generally, using fewer words helps keep people’s attention. Avoid rambling and stay focused on your subject and the messages you want to convey.
  2. Listen to others. Really listen. Don’t interrupt. Don’t just wait for them to finish talking so that you can speak. Use their input whenever feasible and ask questions to fully understand their point of view. If you want others to listen to you, you must have a track record of listening to them as well.
  3. Speak to be easily understood. Use language and terms that are commonly known by the people to whom you’re speaking. It’s important that others clearly understand you.
  4. Don’t assume that others process information the same way you do. For example, do you prefer people get to the point first then follow with the background information? This is deductive thinking. The opposite is inductive thinking, where the person prefers being given all of the background information, being taken through the thought process first, leading up to the bottom line. Consider the person you’re speaking with and tailor your communication to fit their preferences.
  5. Use correct grammar, and when writing, ensure your punctuation and spelling are correct. Take a grammar course, purchase a grammar workbook, and when writing anything, including e-mail, always proofread; there are many tools available, such as Grammarly, that can find and help to prevent errors. Spellcheck does not catch everything.
  6. Make it a personal philosophy to never gossip, criticize someone behind their back or publicly, or push blame on others. Don’t brag. Treat others with respect, genuine consideration and overall, the way they want to be treated.
  7. Follow through on commitments, meet deadlines, and do it with with excellence.

If you are diligent about building your job knowledge and expertise, and you have goals that require you gain respect and job growth potential, don’t waste it all by ignoring your communication skills. Invest in yourself and it usually pays off.

What advice do you have for others who want to gain respect and increase their growth potential at work? Please share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions about this article.

Copyright 2022by Rosanna M. Nadeau

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