5 Inspiring Facts To Know About Motivation

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Are You Feeling Motivated? Or Inspired?

People often use the words “motivation” and “inspiration” interchangeably. But, they are not the same.

Motivation is wanting — feeling an urge to do, accomplish or achieve something specific. There are two types of motivation.

Intrinsic motivation comes from within. It may be a desire to master a specific skill or knowledge or to become an expert in an area of interest. It could be a compelling wish to work independently, to be creative, for self-efficacy. It could also be about achieving a specific purpose. Intrinsic motivation is typically long-lasting, a wellspring of energy pulling us toward something.

Extrinsic motivation comes from outside ourselves and pushes or propels us to do something specific. It could be a reward provided for certain behavior, such as a bonus at work. It could be gaining the admiration of other people because of something we accomplish. It could be receiving a degree or professional certification that validates our expertise or opens doors for us. Extrinsic motivation isn’t perpetual. It tends to expire once the desired reward or benefit is received.

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Celebrating, even just giving yourself a high-five, each time you have a success (no matter how small), fires up motivation. Celebrating puts a smile on your face, adding fun to the doing!

Inspiration is different because whether it may stem from within or come to us from outside ourselves it becomes a part of us, a strong feeling of enthusiasm, an emotion, or belief that pulls us into action.  It could be a sense of purpose to make a specific kind of difference in our life or that of one or more others. It could be to become the best version of yourself. Or, one may be inspired to unlock the potential of people.

Motivation and inspiration add dimension, color and change to our lives. This is a powerful source of feelings of excitement, driving learning, and becoming. These are aspects of our being that must be nurtured and developed throughout our lifetime. They are at the heart of one’s identity both at work and outside work.  Can you imagine life without them?

5 Inspiring Facts About Motivation

  • The more you do, the more you want to do.
  • Deliberately choosing and establishing new habits is motivating.
  • Seeing someone you coached succeed at a task, is motivating!
  • Learning something new is motivating.
  • Achieving something you didn’t know you could do, is motivating.
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Highly credible people help others to find their own motivation and inspiration.

Highly credible people have learned how to inspire and motivate themselves. Together, their motivation and inspiration becomes a force that enables them to set goals and direction and to follow through in making things happen, living up to commitments and following their values.

Through their example, by coaching, and by subtly and indirectly sharing what motivates and inspires them, they enable others to find ways to motivate and inspire themselves, as well. By creating little celebrations to help someone else recognize a small success, you enable them to feel that new spark of motivation to do it again.

Leaders committed to fostering employee success can do more. They can provide recognition, rewards, incentives, and learning opportunities. They can shape work experiences that enable people to thrive environmentally. By getting to know their people as individuals, and leveraging tools such as framing, a purpose-driven strategy, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and Simon Sinek’s Why books, leaders can help to create an alignment between the people and the business that makes it easy for employees to find ways to motivate themselves at work.

When people have the capacity to motivate and inspire themselves to act and perform at work, they can become high performers while finding joy and long-lasting self-fulfillment.

What’s Next

Do you find these “facts” to be relevant to you? To people you know?

If so, you’re probably reflecting on some additional inspiring facts about motivation, and we’d like to what your thoughts are! Comments are always invited and welcome.

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